Reasons to write a will

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Writing a will
Why wrtiing a will

Why Write a Will?

Simply put, a will is a declaration of how your assets are to be distributed upon your death. It may also contain specifications on how your body will be handled. (Many may cringe at the idea, but it is true. Everybody will die.)

A shocking 55% of the population do not have wills. The number could go up, depending on which statistical study you have read.

The top reasons for not writing a will (or foregoing writing it) are ignorance and complacency. Many people are not aware how a will can protect their estate and their loved ones. Many also think that creating a will is not necessary at the moment because they are too young to die or do not have a substantial estate to even warrant a will.

Wills and estate lawyers will help protects not just your properties but also your loved ones. Without a will, your property may be distributed to your spouse and children, or even parents or distant relatives, in accordance to law. Without a family, your properties may go to the state. You do not know exactly to whom your assets will go. Additional expenses, taken from your assets, are also incurred when the court supervises the distribution of your assets. Having a will ensures that your properties will be disseminated exactly as you like.

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A will also protects your minor children. You may nominate a guardian and specify the best way to care for them and manage the property left to them. It is similar as protecting your own products with patents taken care by a patent lawyer. Without a will to protect your child, the state may assign a guardian for your child and your property.

Any one of legal age can compose a will. Though not necessary, it is best to get the assistance of a lawyer when writing a will. A lawyer will guide you in making sure that your will is valid and will not be contested in court. Even valid wills get contested in court, and having a lawyer to protect your will means that you can take care of your family and your estate after you are gone. Aus