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If your product or service has a logo or a registered trademark with a distinctive hologram, it will signify that you’re sincere about your venture and have business ethics. From the customers’ perspective, a trademark stands for reliability and professionalism. Just having your company or product name registered does not give you the right to bar others from using the name, until and unless it is exclusive.

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Benefits of Having a Trademark

A trademark essentially serves to identify the origin of a particular product or products or services. So in essence, a trademark is intended to establish a legal entity for goods and services associated with a particular business or establishment. For instance, although various brands of computer are available in the market, you can instantly tell which company owns a particular model by looking at its ensign, symbol or logo.

A trademark gives an identity to a particular product or service and helps to distinguish it from other products or services. Illegal use of the trademark by third parties, known as infringement, call for the services of trademark attorney who offer legal advice for protection of trademarks and representing clients in courts for restoration of trademark rights. Having a registered trademark for your product or service offers you the following benefits.


Exclusivity of use

Having an authorized trademark or a registered brand name for your product, gives you the exclusive right to promote, and publicize the same, in any manner you like. It also offers your product or service, a legal identity, and protects it from being used by others for business gains. In case, you’re on your way of starting a new business where you need to register the company name, ensure that the name does not infringe upon an existing logo or trademark. There are many trademark attorneys who specialize in offering counsel on selection of trademarks and authorization of new trademarks.