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Sunshine Coast Lawyers have a Law Firm in Maroochydore, serving the surrounding area. We have been in business since 1995 and a well known for delivering professional and effective legal aid.

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Recommendations from friends or family, coworkers, business or professional contacts, and others can be helpful. Also a Maroochydore lawyer may be able to refer you to another lawyer with special expertise to handle your particular matter.

Investigate recommendations and evaluate whether the referral is appropriate for your needs. For a modest fee, an initial appointment with a Maroochydore lawyer will be arranged.

After this interview, our lawyer can advise you about options you have for resolving your problem. If further legal services are required, you may make arrangements with Sunshine Coast Lawyers.

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Choosing a law firm is an important decision, and should not be based solely upon advertisements, certification, specialisation or self-proclaimed expertise.

Persons seeking legal advice are urged to make their own independent investigation and evaluation of any law firm being considered.

Descriptions or indications of limitation of practice doesn't mean that any agency or board has certified such a business as a specialists or experts in any indicated fields of law. Nor does it mean that such company is necessarily any more competent or expert than any other law firm.

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