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Common Drug Driving Penalties

Rising unemployment, inability to cope with the pressures of education, and getting alienated from one’s near and dear ones is leading to frustration among the youth. Consequently many of them are turning to drugs as an escape and getting addicted as a matter of course.

These days, it is not uncommon for someone, especially a young man or woman to get apprehended for drug driving offence. In fact, many accidents, some of which are really fatal, are caused by individuals driving under the influence of drugs like cannabis, LSD, cocaine and heroine.

What the laws say?

Laws in all territories of Australia are very explicit with regard to drug driving. The laws say that you’d be committing an offence if you’re driving under the influence of addictive or hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, marijuana, cannabis, cocaine and other such drugs.

Consequently you are liable to be arrested under a DUI offence, your vehicle impounded and your driving license revoked for a period that the court may deem fit.





You’ll also be committing an drug offence if you’re impaired or incapacitated while driving under the affect of even a prescription drug. To this effect, you can seek lawyer for your defence.

Transgressions related to drug driving are not specific to public roads or highways. You’d be breaking the law if you’re driving under the spell of drugs on private spaces. You’d also be committing a crime if you refrain from going for a saliva sample testing at a Random Drug testing station or refuse to provide samples of you urine or blood for randomized examinations.

You’ll be transgressing the law if you’re found to be under the affect of drugs while you’re accompanying or assisting a relatively new driver or decline to go through an evaluation for drug impaired driving.