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Sunshine Coast Lawyers specialize in Criminal Law Our Criminal Defence Teams will help you to aviod convictions, fines and imprisionment. If you have had a charge made against you then contact us.

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Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence Team

Sunshine Coast Criminal lawyers are registered legal aid lawyers. There is also a merits test as to whether the charges you face are serious enough to warrant Criminal Defence Lawyers pursuing the case.

What this means is that as a Sunshine Coast Lawyer's client you can chose who you want to represent you. You can ring and choose a lawyer from our Caloundra or Maroochydore legal aid.

Sunshine Coast Lawyers' Criminal Defence team are an established and well regarded group that offers a concise, authoritative and practical approach to each of our client's criminal law matters. Our services include advice and legal representation in relation to Security legislation, policy and license matters.

Criminal Lawyers

Sunshine Coast criminal laws can lack fairness, but the three strikes rule takes the cake. Even if your third strike criminal offense is something petty, it can still potentially land you in prison. If you're facing a three-strikes charge, please call Sunshine Coast Lawyers' Criminal Defence team ASAP to help you maneuver around the charges and avoid the consequences if at all possible.

Phone our criminal defense team and family Lawyers to set up a free consultation. Our goal is to dismiss or lessen the charges against you, and if you wish, we'll take your case to trial.

Criminal lawyers Central Coast are very familiar with the workings of the juvenile justice system, and we'll do everything to get the case resolved as quickly as possible so your child can go back home and to school as soon as possible.